9 Deals To Help You Ease Out Of Quarantine
Published on Friday, January 20th, 2023

We live in tough times. There’s A LOT of uncertainty in the air right now… that’s why opportunities like these are so important…
MOST companies have incredible deals available nobody knows about, that you can take advantage of today!

Fortunately we’ve done the hard work for you. Take just 4 minutes to read through these specials that most people don’t know about, and save today…

1. Splash Wines - 71% OFF 15 Mystery Overstock Wines...

Self care at its finest. Stock up and make sure you don’t run out of earth’s finest delight. Nothing beats relaxing with a glass of wine. 

Destress and eliminate anxiety when you slip into your happy comfort zone and crack one of our bottles…

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2. Audio Books - 3 FREE Audio Books With No Cost Signup

Take your favorite audio-books on the go, on your tablet, or laptop.

Switch seamlessly between devices for uninterrupted listening. Over 150,000+ best sellers, new releases, and timeless classics. 

Easy access to over 700,000+ podcasts and 8,500 FREE audio-books.

3. FreeScore360 – INSTANTLY Access Your Credit Score

Not sure what your credit score is? Use Freescore360 to IMMEDIATELY get access to not one, but three credit reports and scores. 

3 reports and scores to give you the information you need about your credit so you can make wise financial decisions.

As of April 1st, get all 3 bureau reports and scores in less than a minute.

4. US Concealed Online - 28 States You Can Carry With THIS

Legally conceal carry your firearm in any one of these 28 states. NEVER get into a situation where you’re unarmed, defenseless. 
Three reasons to secure your concealed carry permit TODAY.

  1. It’s Your 2nd Amendment Right
  2. Preparation for Protection
  3. Security In These Troublesome Times
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5. - Lock In The Lowest Life Insurance Rate Today!

  • The most trusted source for life insurance. So your loved ones aren’t left in a financial bind should the worst happen. 
  • Be prepared. Leave your family the money they need to survive. 
  • Fill out a short no obligation questionnaire to find out your best rate.
  • Make sure your family is protected today.

6. ADT Rest Home Safe - #1 Home Security Company in the USA

  • Sleep easy at night knowing you and your family are safe in these trying and uncertain times. Trusted by over 7 million American households.
  • The best time to secure your family’s future is right now…
  • Make your home smart, safe, and secure… from your phone. 
  • Monitor, arm and disarm your new home security system from anywhere with just a swipe of your finger.
  • View secure real time video of your home on the go… for less than $1 a day.

7. 1TAC - World’s Most Powerful Emergency Flashlight

  • NEVER worry about getting left in the dark ever again. Many have tried to knock off this POWERFUL tactical flashlight, and failed. 1TAC offers a premium product, similar to those used by law enforcement, emergency medical providers, and members of our military. 
  • 1TAC is 25X times BRIGHTER than a normal flashlight, it emits 1,200 Lumens and lasts for 100,000 hours. Put one in your car, garage, kitchen junk drawer, backpack, or take it with you when you go hunting, camping, fishing, hiking…
  • Right now save up to 75% when you make the smart decision to claim one or more of these top notch tactical flashlights…

8. Survey Junkie - Get Paid To Take Surveys!

Got extra time on your hands? Want to make some extra cash? 
Simple, easy to fill out surveys get you paid in just 3 steps: 

  1. Create your survey profile to get your surveys
  2. Complete surveys to earn points
  3. Redeem points for Paypal cash or gift cards
A no brainer way to make easy money with your phone or computer from the comfort of your own home.
Fastest way to make extra cash in these trying times.

9. Stealth Angel Survival Kit - Prepare For ANY Situation…

  • Life happens fast. Unexpected and unforeseen events arise that could be disastrous for those unprepared…
  • Protect your family today with this versatile tactical preparedness kit.
  • Research has shown that these are the most important items to have in the event of an emergency…
  • Rest easy knowing your and your family are equipped and ready with this 13 piece potentially life saving kit.
  • Now is the best time to step up and be prepared… and save while you’re at it. 

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